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Our Staff

Casey Osborne

On-Air Announcer

I am on a journey. My journey is revealed just one step at a time just as God promised it would be. I try to look ahead, but often find that I’ve looked in the wrong direction. I want to be amazed and perplexed. In Acts, the apostles were amazed and perplexed at what was happening. God’s spirit came and filled everyone there. It was unexplainable. It was like nothing they had seen before. The more I try to figure things out on my own, the less amazed and perplexed I become. In addition to KMOC, I work at the Wichita Theatre designing and building sets as well as operate my own production company providing photography/video production and graphic design.

  • Favorite Verse: Micah 6:8
  • Hobbies: Antique radios and salvage hunting. I have a booth at Alleycat Vintage Mercantile downtown and look forward to developing more unique repurposed items.
  • Favorite Artists: Wow, so many…Christian: Toby Mac, David Meece, Wayne Watson (yes, I’m old), and Peter Furler. Secular: Bee Gees, Carpenters, Eagles (did I mention I’m old), Mumford & Sons
  • Favorite Foods: A good, perfectly grilled ribeye!
  • Favorite Quote: “I was scared to death until I said yes, then the pressure was off and it was time to go to work” – Billy Crystal