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Connect 2022

Connect 2022

Continuing Strong Together…..

I’m Keith Sanderson, KMOC Station Manager. Helping bring the Christian community together is important. We are able to do that because of your gifts and prayers. Our spring fundraiser – Connect 22 – begins March 23 rd , and our goal is to ‘fill the gap’… we ended with a need of $42,000 last fall…generous year end giving reduced the need to $17,000, and early giving to Connect 22 reduces the need even further, bringing it down to $16,000.

So that’s our goal for Connect – 22…. $16,000 in 2 ½ days, March 23rd , 24th , and til 9a on the 25th . We’re looking to you to help ‘fill the gap’.

Continuing Strong Together for the Future…..we are 89-5, KMOC, Texoma.

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