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Team KMOC 2012 Challenge

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Will you take the KMOC Challenge? 

Did you know you can get your church involved?

Read on to learn how...

Your place on ‘Team KMOC’ (if you choose to accept it) is to encourage and support ‘Team KMOC’ during the ride.  We have the potential to ride a combined 1200 miles!  But since some of us will be riding the full 100 miles, some the 100K, and on down to the 25 mile portion, the reality of miles ridden will more realistically be around 900.




Will you pledge a ‘By The Mile’ amount for total miles ridden?  A penny a mile would add up to $9.00 based on the 900 mile figure. 10¢ a mile would be $90.00.  $1 dollar a mile would be $900.00, and so on.  We will tally up all the pledges and come up with a ‘Dollars Per Mile’ (DPM) figure that will not only be motivation for us during the ride, it will also help ease our ‘Summer Slump’ in funding.  Click here to make your pledge and take the KMOC Challenge!!




Please mark the amount of your choice, with 900 miles the likely total and 1200 miles the maximum.








Summer 2012

Reaching out to the community with ‘The Message of Christ’ is foundational to everything we do here at KMOC, whether through our programming which we air 24 hours a day, or through personal interaction when we take part in community events.

Each year we get involved in one of the biggest events in Texoma when we hand out cold water to riders and spectators alike at the annual ‘Hotter’N Hell Hundred’ (HHH).  Once again we are stepping up our presence and involvement by putting together‘Team KMOC’.  We have 12 ‘Team KMOC’ members representing the station, including KMOC staff members, a KMOC Board member, a KMOC Business Partner and KMOC listeners.  We have secured sponsors for the KMOC cycling jerseys, and each team member will pay their own entry fee so that no ministry dollars will be used.





Your place on ‘Team KMOC’  this year (if you choose to accept it) is to get your church involved!  Will you be the point person in your church to get your Sunday school class, home group, prayer group, or even the entire congregation involved?  We have the potential to ride a combined 1200 miles, but since team members will be riding different distances, the reality of miles ridden will more likely be around 900.



A penny a mile would add up to $9.00 based on the 900 mile figure. If you were able to get 100 people in your church to pledge .01 that would be $900.00!  For example, if you were to organize a ‘Church Team KMOC’ with a Sunday School class that had 23 folks in it, and everyone pledged 10 cents a mile, that would equal $2.30 a mile for every mile ridden, or over $2,000 total,just from your efforts!


This year…The Church with the highest pledge amount for ‘Team KMOC’ by the HHH ride date will receive special recognition, and will be awarded a one year Business Partnership on KMOC at the 200 dollar a month Silver Level! 


That adds up to $2400 in FREE marketing for your Church. If your church is already a Business Partner with KMOC, then this will be in addition to what is already in place, which will give you an even greater opportunity to let people know about your church!  I’ve also included an insert that can be copied and placed in your Church Bulletin if it is appropriate to do so in your Church.


Take the ‘Church Team KMOC’  challenge! 


Visit with your Pastor first, and with your Pastors blessing, then start visiting with the folks in your church about making their pledge and then fill our  return the pledge form provided.  You can make as many copies of the form as your need….


THANK YOU!   With your help, this will be the most successful ‘Team KMOC’ ever!     

Keith Sanderson, KMOC Station Manager

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